Optimal use of feed for cattle

GRANOVIT AG stands for pet food of the highest Swiss quality. Sustainable feed production and healthy animals are their biggest commitments. From the cultivation of raw materials to production and feeding with over 90 years of experience in animal nutrition.

Granovit is one of the largest independent feed manufacturers in Switzerland and produces close to customers at three locations. Thereby the raw materials are free of genetically modified organisms
Grossvieh bei der Fütterung (Quelle: Granovit AG)


Successful large-scale fattening relies on healthy and optimal rearing of young animals in the barn. Once the foundation is laid for vital cattle, nothing stands in the way of successful, sustainable fattening. In order to determine a reliable slaughter forecast with theoptimal feed use, the farm is visited with a mobile scale at set periods for fattening performance and weight control. During this process, animals are weighed and assessed individually. This previously required manual recording of animal data on paper with appropriate post-processing. Likewise, the delivery of the reports to the customers with the recommendations was done manually.


Implemented Functionality

- App with connection to weighing system via Bluetooth
- Web portal for customers/weighers/administrators 
- Data reference via TVD for master data of the animal 
- Customer management
- Reporting weight history of an animal
- Reporting for slaughter forecast (optimal slaughter weight)
- Identity Provider via Rey Identity Management (Keycloak)



By digitizing the weighing process in conjunction with the rulebook for determining optimal slaughter forecasts, customers receive an overview of their livestock with the respective weight gains, slaughter dates and feed recommendations. The administrative effort for weighing the animals has been reduced, while at the same time customers retain an overview of their livestock at all times via a customer portal with corresponding reportings. This enables Granovit to provide the feedstuff in an optimally coordinated manner and the customer receives more planning security for achieving the desired meat quality.


Targeted Results

Using iDIP makes it easier yet faster to record the weight of an animal via the weighing system. The app is used to enter the TVD number (4 digits), the valuation and the weight. This information can be used to make statements about the weight trend and the optimal slaughter forecast for each animal via reporting.

This enables the use of feed as well as the slaughter date to be planned more precisely and reliably.

Performance Overview

Technologies Used 

iDIP Digitization Platform - idip-solution.com

Solution Provider 

Rey Technology
Rütihofstrasse 6
CH-8370 Sirnach 

Web: www.rey-technology.com

Services Solution Provider

- Requirements elicitation with workshops
- Conceptual design of the solution
- Implementation of the concept with iDIP 
- Hardware and software integration into the architecture of Granovit AG

Abbildung: Intuitive und einfach Übersicht des Tierbestands mit erfassten Wägungsdaten für Empfehlungen zu Futtermittel und Schlachtzeitpunkt.

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