Be alerted to events  

Monitor your plant and machinery around the clock and alert groups of people automatically when there is a change in condition or when measured values exceed/fall short of the limit.
Define independently the events to be monitored. Select the escalation levels and the communication channels for efficient alerting.


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Alarming made easy

Each delivered value from a sensor or gateway can be monitored. To trigger an alarm define events that are monitored around the clock
Various communication channels such as SMS, e-mail, etc. are available for the delivery of alarms.

Escalating alarms

An alert can be sent to different groups of people, using up to 3 escalation levels.
Sensors and gateways can be directly controlled through workflows to perform an action on a plant or machine when an event occurs.

Simplify alarming processes of control systems 

Use the integrated OPC-UA Connector to receive alarms from the controller or the control system by subscribing to Topics. This allows alarms to be forwarded or elegantly acknowledged.
This simplifies the alarming procedures of control systems and control systems with very many alarm messages.

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