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With great know-how and commitment, more than 100 experienced professionals work on many projects, using a large number of components, parts as well as electro(nic) accessories and consumables.  
Logistic and Preparation - Rey Technology (Quelle: Rey Technology)

"Replacing the existing Excel solution with iDIP massively reduces the processing time and error rate of the ordering system and substantially relieves us. I can now make adjustments to the process and the information data myself and thus involve all parties step by step."

Bianca Allenspach - Logistic and Preparation


- The material procurement via the internal ordering process is unmanageable and requiresa lot of internal coordinative coordination with different people.

- lack of transparency and too long processing time of material procurement (what is needed for whom, when and how many times and can be bundled).

- Maintenance of know-how and deputy regulation so that order releases can be made optimally with the correct suppliers according to article and project.

- Project managers are too little coordinated on the status of material orders, partial deliveries, backorders, and delivery delays.

- Performance issues with the existing Excel solution and input errors with simultaneous processing of purchase orders.


Implemented Functionality

- Article master (article archive) with article entry
- Automatic order generation for the respective suppliers
- Order management with delivery receipts
- Reporting for project managers
- Goods receipt controlling (logistics)
- Invoice receipt controlling (accounting)
- Integration of Identity Provider via Azure AD-Sync (Entra ID)


Targeted Results

After migrating the old Excel solution to iDIP, the following was achieved:

- Single Point of Truth: All order, status and history information is in one place and is maintained and documented here.

- Substantial reduction of the total processing time of the ordering.

- Increase in clarity and transparency for all parties involved through easy-to-use, individual information displays, status queries and filters.

- Reduction of media disruptions from order entry, order triggering, goods receipt to controlling.

- Eliminate performance problems and 100% reduction of input errors while processing.

- Access to the ordering system via the familiar windows login

Performance Overview

Technologies Used 

iDIP Digitization Platform - idip-solution.com

Solution Provider 

Rey Technology
Rütihofstrasse 6
CH-8370 Sirnach 

Web: www.rey-technology.com

Services Solution Provider

- Requirements elicitation with workshops
- Conceptual design of the solution
- Implementation of the concept with iDIP
- Connection Azure AD-Sync

Abbildung: Übersicht der Bestellungen für die jeweiligen Projekte mit Angaben zu Lieferstatus und Teillieferungen
Abbildung: Visualisierung der Bestellungen nach Prozessschritt

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