Decentlab LoRaWAN sensors integrated

15.12.2022 - From now on, the LoRaWAN sensors of the Swiss sensor manufacturer Decentlab are available with the corresponding data configuration in iDIP IoT.

Decentlab is a Swiss company that provides wireless sensor devices and services for distributed, cost-effective monitoring solutions.

Application areas include environmental and air quality monitoring, hydrological measurements, smart agriculture and smart cities.

The sensor devices communicate wirelessly over LoRaWAN® and are designed for ultra-low power consumption, so they can run on batteries for several years. The devices are designed for industrial applications and can be used in any harsh indoor or outdoor environment.

Integration Advantage

Our customers can integrate sensors from Decentlab into the iDIP IoT portal and put them into operation within 2 minutes without any configuration skills. This eliminates the time-consuming data configuration for "receiving" the measurement data.